General information

Foreign language exams can be taken in English, French, German, Hungarian and Italian from publicly recognised education programmes adopted by the Minister of Education. Exams must follow the standards set by the Council of Europe.

There are three annual exam series: in February, June and October. In one exam series, written parts of exams (i.e. tests) for individual languages are taken by candidates on the same day and at the same time in exam venues. The dates and times for tests are determined by the Centre. Oral exams are performed in front of assessment boards in accordance with timetables determined by the exam venues. Exam tasks are set by groups of experts appointed by the Centre. Members are foreign language teachers from language schools and institutions for adult education as well as from Slovene universities.

Tests are marked by trained examiners. Assessment is carried out in exam venues and in accordance with marking schemes (compiled by the same groups of experts that develop exam tasks). Oral exams are assessed by assessors in accordance with established criteria.