Other activities

Since 2003, the Centre has worked closely with the Committee for Assessing and Providing Quality in Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Adult Education; this committee was appointed by the Minister of Education.

Since 2004, the Centre has taken part in various projects supported by the Ministry of Education and the European Social Fund dedicated to quality assessment and assurance; strengthening practitioners’ competencies in the area of managing innovative educational institutions; development of an added value model – quality assessment and assurance in education and training; relating national language examinations to the CEFR; quality assessment and assurance in education (in a consortium under the leadership of the National School of Leadership in Education); and preparation for, and implementation of, e-marking (the General Matura exam).

Its state-of-the-art software and hardware, as well as expertise in the area of data processing, allow for the Centre to offer its data processing services to customers, especially in the area of optical data reading, web applications for data capture and statistical and other analyses of data. These analyses cover various areas, such as opinion surveys, testing of pupils/students, questionnaires on achievements in final year of secondary education, etc.