What is an NVQ?

An NVQ is an occupational or professional competence required for an occupation or individual segments of responsibilities within an occupation at a certain level of achievement; it is proven by a public document – a certificate.

In Slovenia, each NVQ is classified in the Slovenian Qualifications Framework.

Who can achieve an NVQ?

In Slovenia, there are two requirements for the achievement of an NVQ, i.e. to obtain a Certificate of Qualification Achievement:

  • age: persons aged 18 years or over, or, as an exception, persons under 18 if they are no longer apprentices or students and have relevant work experience;
  • knowledge and skills: candidates have to meet entry requirements as determined by the relevant catalogue of standards of professional knowledge and skills.

Certificate of Qualification Achievement – a public document

Candidates acquire the Certificate of Qualification Achievement at the end of the procedure for the assessment and certification of NVQs:

  • by direct assessment of their professional knowledge, skills and abilities as determined by catalogues of standards of professional knowledge and skills, or
  • based on documents obtained during education or in a different way.

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