Preparation, Organisation and Administration of Assessment
The National Examinations Centre (Centre):

  • prepares and administers the Matura and Vocational Matura (core curriculum subjects);
  • cooperates with the National Education Institute in preparing tests for the National Assessment of Knowledge examination in the nine-year primary education programme;
  • supports the development of methodologies and procedures of assessment and certification of professional skills and abilities, issues licences, keeps records, and monitors the work of committees for the assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications;
  • prepares and administers foreign language exams for adults.

Basic information on the educational system in Slovenia is available on the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport website.

Preparation and Publication of Materials
The Centre cooperates in the preparation, editing and publication of examination and other materials necessary for the administration of exams. It prepares and publishes subject syllabi, catalogues, collections of past examination papers and analyses of examination tasks as well as other materials to inform and help candidates and teachers in their preparation for exams.

The Centre organises and provides education and training for external examinations and test paper preparation.

Expert, Technical and Administrative Support to National Committees and Subject Testing Committees
The Centre offers expert, technical and administrative support to the National Committee for the Matura, the National Committee for the Vocational Matura, subject testing committees for the Matura and Vocational Matura, the Committee for the National Assessment of Knowledge in nine-year primary education, subject testing committees for the preparation and selection of tasks for assessing the nine-year primary education programme and the National Examination Committee for the Administration of the Practical Part of the School-Leaving Exam in the Dual Education Programme.

Research and Development
The Centre maintains a database to ensure a systematic monitoring of the quality of exams, tests and marking. At the same time, it strives to apply gathered data to improve the quality of the education system. Based on analyses and the monitoring of experiences abroad, it improves procedures for the preparation of exams and tests. The analysis of external assessment helps improve the quality of marking and continually searches for better solutions.

Advisory Services
The Centre offers advisory services in the field of external assessment and to educational institutions abroad.

International Cooperation and Inclusion in International Certification Systems
Since it has been established, the Centre has formed contacts with a number of foreign centres and institutions in the field of assessment of knowledge. Its efficient and innovative solutions have made it a model for new, similar centres elsewhere, particularly in Eastern Europe.