Setting and administration of exams

The Centre:

  • sets and administers the General and Vocational Matura exams at the end of four-year secondary education;
  • sets and administers Standard Assessment Tests at the end of each three-year key stage in nine-year primary education;
  • supports the development of methodologies and procedures of assessment and certification of professional skills and abilities; issues licences; keeps records, and monitors the work of the assessment boards for the assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications;
  • sets and administers foreign language exams for adults;
  • sets and administers exams, and issues certificates, for candidates with international protection who cannot support their claim to formal education with documents and wish to enrol in higher education institutions.

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Development and publication of examination materials

The Centre offers support to its associates in the development of various types of materials, e.g. examination materials and exam preparation materials. It is responsible for the editing and publication of subject specifications, keeping collections of past examination papers and analyses, as well as other materials that provide information and support to candidates and their teachers in their exam preparations.


The Centre organises and provides education and training for assessment experts and test developers.

Professional assistance and technical and administrative support to national committees and national exam committees

The Centre offers professional assistance and technical and administrative support to three national committees (the National Committee for the General Matura, the National Committee for the Vocational Matura and the National Committee for Standard Assessment Tests), a large number of national exam committees (in the areas of the General and the Vocational Matura exams, Standard Assessment Tests, foreign language exams for adults, and exams for persons with international protection), and to the National Examination Committee for the Administration of the Practical Part of the Final Exam in Dual Education.

Research and development

The Centre has set up a comprehensive database for the systematic monitoring of the quality of exams, question papers and standardised marking and grading. At the same time, the Centre strives to apply the collected data to improve the quality of education. Based on analyses and experience from abroad, the Centre improves procedures for the development of examination tasks and question papers. Through analyses of external assessments, the Centre strives to improve the quality of standardised marking and grading and to improve the services it offers.

Advisory services

The Centre offers advisory and organisational services in the field of external assessment and business management to educational institutions abroad.

International cooperation

The Centre has established contact with a number of centres and institutions in the area of examination and assessment abroad. Its innovative approaches have made the Centre an example for similar centres in Europe, mainly Eastern Europe.