The National Examinations Centre (Centre) is a public institution set up by the Slovene Government. Its nine-member Council consists of five representatives from the Ministry of Education and Sport, one representative from the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs and three employee representatives.

The Centre is divided into individual units all involved in the administration of exams; it also cooperates with numerous professionals from the area of education and members of national committees as well as external markers. The head of the Centre is the director, Darko Zupanc, PhD.

Examination Unit
Examination managers from the individual areas cooperate with subject testing and other examination committees in the preparation of subject syllabi and examination materials, as well as in the administration of external examinations. The Unit offers expert, technical and administrative support, and is responsible for the technical flawlessness of examination materials and the quality of the administration of assessments and exams. Examination managers monitor the development of public examinations and the assessment of knowledge both at home and abroad and cooperate in the educational processes and research projects from external assessment areas. The head of the Unit is Andrejka Slavec Gornik, PhD.

Publishing Department
The Publishing Department organises and conducts expert, technical and other activities linked to the preparation and printing of examination materials. It organises, and is responsible for, the preparation of translations of examination materials and subject syllabi into Italian and Hungarian. It is responsible for the publication of professional materials and other publications from the Centre publishing house which, through editorial work, preparation and printing of publications, marketing and sales, enables the flow of information to candidates, teachers and the wider public. With its collection of professional materials and through inter-library loans, the library supports the research and development activities of the Centre. The head of the department is Joži Trkov.

Logistics Unit
The Logistics Unit organises and prepares expert, technical and other activities associated with the registration, distribution of materials to schools and the administration of exams in schools. It offers technical support to school committees and candidates for the Matura and provides expert, technical and administrative assistance to other departments in the Centre. It prepares test papers for external examiners which must be assessed as well as professional materials and all documentation for candidates' examination inspection. The Logistics Unit is also responsible for keeping archives of examination materials. The head of the Unit is Darija Domajnko, MA.

IT Department
The IT Department maintains an extensive database on candidates, schools and exams. It performs the necessary statistical analyses for the preparation and publication of results and for printing certificates. It provides information support for the Centre's other activities, particularly external examinations, logistical operations, the preparation of examination materials and the analyses of exam data and exam results. It has installed an extensive and up-to-date information technology to support the exams which is subject to constant monitoring, maintenance and development. The head of the Department is Matjaž Urank, MSc.

Research and Development Unit
In cooperation with the Examination Unit and IT Department, this Unit prepares analyses of assessment results of knowledge as well as simulations of planned changes and offers technical assistance for the Matura. Research projects and development tasks in the area of external assessment at all levels of education of children, youth and adults provide guidelines for the current and future professional work of subject testing committees.

National Vocational Qualifications
In the area of national vocational qualifications the Centre is responsible for the development of methodologies of assessment and the certification of vocational qualifications; it coordinates the activities of providers of assessments and also keeps a register of providers besides issuing licences to members of panels for assessment and appointing panels for the assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications.

General Affairs Unit
The General Affairs Unit offers administrative and technical support to members of the Centre's Council, the director and other units of the Centre, as well as to testing committees in the area of external assessment. It is responsible for personnel affairs, archives, logging and delivery of mail, and the maintenance of business premises. It prepares general acts, rules and regulations and contracts. It conducts all procedures relating to candidates' examination inspections and appeals. The head of the Unit is Mateja Erjavec Lovšin.

Finance Department
The Finance Department carries out all financial and accounting functions which are necessary for the undisturbed performance of the Centre's activities. This Department conducts the financial operations of testing committees and offers accounting services to external partners in the area of external assessment in accordance with the Statute and the Accounting Rules of the Centre. The head of the Department is Karmen Jeraj.