Assessment and certification are carried out by a panel of three natioanl vocational qualification (NVQ) assessors appointed by the National Examinations Centre on the accredited assessing body's request.

NVQ assessors must hold licences issued by the National Examinations Centre.

The manner in which direct assessment and certification of NVQs are carried out is determined by the Catalogue of Standards of Professional Knowledge and Skills.

NVQ can be directly assessed in one of the following manners:

  • written assessment and interview;
  • practical performance assessment and interview;
  • written and practical performance assessment and interview;
  • on-the-job observation and interview;
  • role play and interview.

Assessment and certification of NVQ contain:

  •  portfolio assessment;
  • practical performance assessment.

By portfolio assessment, NVQ assessor assesses the value of the portfolio and the proof of competences on the basis of several criteria: authenticity, topicality, relevance etc.

If the candidate for NVQ does not meet all conditions of the Catalogue of Standards of Professional Knowledge and Skills, the panel of NVQ assessors defines practical performance determined in the Catalogue (knowledge and skills not covered by the portfolio).


Criteria of assessment and certification of NVQ 8150.002.5.1 Pedicurist

I Planning of, and preparation for, the task
1 Personal preparation (video)
2 Preparation and use of tools (video)
3 Preparation of the client (video)

II Performance of the task
1 Removal of dead skin (video)
2 Corn removal (video)
3 Callus removal (video)
4 Clipping and shaping toenails (video)
5 Treatment of ingrown toenails (video)
6 Performing relaxing foot massage (video)
7 Cleaning and disinfecting tools after the pedicure (video)

III Interview: three questions

During the practical performance the panel of assessors keep a record of the assessment of NVQ and fill out the assessment form.