A national vocational qualification (NVQ) is a formally recognised competence required for practising the occupation on the basis of the national occupational standard.

In Slovenia, an NVQ can be acquired:

  • by completing vocational or professional educational programmes or by completing modules as part of educational programmes;
  • by assessment and accreditation of prior learning.

NVQs are intended for youth and adults who, besides traditionally established school-based programmes leading to the acquisition of vocational qualifications, seek other forms of knowledge certification.

NVQ candidates
An NVQ can be achieved by anyone at least 18 years of age.

By way of exception, an NVQ can be achieved by anyone younger than 18 not being an apprentice or a student but having adequate work experience.

NVQ assessors
The National Examinations Centre publishes the invitation for applications for NVQ assessors and verifies conditions for assessors from the corresponding Act and the Catalogue of Standards of Professional Knowledge and Skills.

Nominated assessors are directed to the training programme carried out by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.

If an assessor successfully completes the training, the National Examinations Centre issues a licence.

Accredited assessing bodies
Assessment and certification procedures may be carried out by chambers, schools, adult-education organisations and business education centres as well as institutions, societies and other legal entities complying with material and staff conditions determined by the Catalogue of Standards.

An accredited assessing body must hold a written statement issued by the National Examinations Centre and has to be listed in the corresponding register at the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

Assessment and certification procedures of NVQs in Slovenia