general information


The Vocational Matura is a national exam with two qualifications:

  • it is a form of a school-leaving exam giving a candidate technical education;
  • it enables candidates to continue studies in vocational colleges and other colleges without any additional requirements.

The difference between the Vocational Matura and the Matura with regard to further studies is that the Matura enables candidates to enrol in all programmes of tertiary education, i.e. vocational colleges, colleges and university courses, while the Vocational Matura enables candidates to enrol only in vocational colleges and colleges but not university courses.

Vocational Matura candidates wishing to enrol in university courses must pass the Vocational Matura as well as one subject of the Matura. If a candidate passes the Vocational Matura, university admission is possible in the majority of university programmes but not all of them. Exams from different subjects are required for different university courses – this is evident from the yearly Call for Enrolment.