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Analyses of achievement in the National Assessment of Knowledge (NAK) are an important objective of the NAK and are one of the key factors for its further development; they also provide a critical overview of pupils', teachers', test administrators' and test developers' work. For pupils, their parents, teachers and schools, these analyses provide mainly additional information on pupils' knowledge, provide insight into achieving objectives and standards as determined by curricula, uncover strong and weak areas in pupils' knowledge and thus reflect the quality and efficiency of the primary education system.

Analyses of achievement, with their qualitative descriptions of abilities for the chosen areas on the national level, are prepared by the Centre in cooperation with subject testing committees. However, analyses of achievement on the school level are performed by head-teachers and teachers in schools after they have received from the Centre the following: printouts of pupils' achievement in the NAK at the school in question, basic statistical data (difficulty, reliability and discrimination indexes and standard deviation) on achievement in the NAK on the national and school levels, the average achievement for tasks on the national and school levels, as well as graphic representations of achievement on the national and school levels. They also receive printouts of pupils' achievements according to gender, both school and regional.

Analyses of tasks and tests, analyses of achievement in the NAK on the national level, qualitative descriptions of abilities for the selected areas on a national level and analyses according to gender and geographic areas are published in the Annual Report on the Administration and the Analysis of Achievement in the NAK.
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